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Happy 2008

Have a wonderful and prosperous new year!!

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Speculating of Men and Women on Pluto

Not very long back Anshul went on to write a blog on what love is. I think I commented there something that I might have thought and perhaps that should not my area of expertise. What I should talk based on the current scenario is, an external view of the love world and its idiosyncrasy.

It is not a "find if you're in love" guide that I am presenting, rather its about what the people in love never seem to notice. They get into a different world and loose the idea that the rest of the world is still going as normal and perhaps spinning at the same speed. Its a small sweet world which envelops them that is really a treat, awe and a lot of other feelings for the distant viewers like me.

I don't know how many examples I can write down here for the reason of maintaining anonymity of the people who are inspiration for this post but there are plenty in my mind which make me think ke "ki aasmaan phat jaye aur mujhe nigal le". All private talks spill over to the people around are basically the talks, directly from a Hindi movies. The oft repeated, "I noticed ki tumko ye xyz pasand hai", "mere liye kar do na" and "itna bhi nahin kar sakte" in an infinite loop make me feel ke "bhaiya kar de nahin to ye drama nahin dekha jayega". Mostly the girls adapt the movie lines etc quite quickly and guy shall be spotted saying "woh bahut seedhi aur innocent hai" within a week or next time he drinks, whichever comes first. Someone said of love that its a feeling in which you appreciate someone more than yourself you bet you can make it from the ode's that you hear from them about each other.

Other less amusing things are the habits that change. I cannot think of better examples but  talking for 5 hours in a toilet is definitely not a hygienic habit if not for the length and the timing of the talk (till morning 6 am). Taking out the mobile in middle of a discussion and type like a typewriter on the keypad and come back to the discussion with "Kya bol rahe the tum?".  Recently I heard that a girl prepared 5 songs to sing for the boyfriends birthday.(I have no comments to this gesture of love)

Khair all is good but I personally feel that the couples generally get into an unexplainable aura which totally ignores the way they themselves were living earlier. Yes I can hear "jab tumhari baari aayegi... " and all that. Hope I would understand the plight of those singles around too.

Men may be from Mars and Women from Venus but when they meet they must be roaming on pluto, of which we hardly know of.


Why the heck so much

She hurries down the stairs without noticing anyone around her while everyone around is not taking their eyes off. After a while I see the stairs and I again catch her coming down the stairs. Lucky chance haan? Well!! I come to know is that she's been doing this for past 15 mins at least.

Another one is doing chin ups and the instructor is pushing her for more and she happily obliges. While I am just recovering from the nausea of my previous exercise in which I lied about doing half of the repetitions.

I am not talking of one single girl whom I am admiring but its like every girl in the whole gym is absolutely fit to be wasting time in so much.

What annoys me the most is that when I am ready to pass away after running for some time the girl beside me on the treadmill goes on to increase her running speed and she has been running there 10 mins before me.

Why the heck do these perfectly all right girls come to the gym and exercise so much? Most of the girls have instructors even though it costs you an arm and a leg to get a full time instructor. At their body shape, I bet she knows every exercise there is in this world to keep her in that shape. I could have bought the argument that since they come to gym they are so healthy but just a look around the gym shows you that 70% of the guys are overweight. They also come to the gym right? Either most of us realize it too late and come to gym or most of them are just for the eye candies. For girls then, god knows what drives them nuts to doing this.

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